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EnergyManagementDegree is an information hub for Energy Management programs across the country. The energy management field is growing drastically as global concerns over resources allocation and renewable resources arise. Energy management degrees explore resource conservation, production, implications on climate, and cost-efficiency in energy.

We live in a very “energy aware” society. Businesses are beginning to focus on how to find and use renewable resources, find alternative sources of energy, and “go green” through various other methods in an attempt to save money and the planet. It should be no surprise, then, that energy management has become a degree option and a career path for those looking to work in business.

Kaplan University
Environmental Policy (MS)
Environmental Policy and Mgmt (BS)
Kaplan University is one of the world’s largest school networks with over 70 campuses in the US alone. Kaplan offers two programs in Environmental Policy and Management, a bachelor’s and master’s degree. While Kaplan likely has a campus near you, you can also earn your degree entirely online. This route is great for working professionals and students with long commutes or personal schedule conflicts.
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Walden University
Sustainable Management (MSM)
Local Govt Mgmt for Sustainable Communities (MPP)
Local Govt Mgmt for Sustainable Communities (MPA)
Public Policy and Admin: Local Govt Mgmt for Sustainable Communities (PhD)
Walden University is one of America’s largest online schools. Many programs from Walden are for students seeking graduate degrees, and Walden offers many programs related to energy management, like the MSM in Sustainable Management or the MPA in Government Management for Sustainable Communities. Walden’s headquarters are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but all programs are available online.
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Ashford University
Sustainable Enterprise Mgmt (BA)
Ashford University is the choice for many students who want to earn a degree through distance learning. Ashford is one of the largest online schools and has a well-established reputation and history dating back to 1918. Student can enroll in online classes as they work towards a BA in Sustainable Enterprise Management.
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What Is Energy Management?

At its most basic, those working in energy management help to monitor, control, and conserve energy in a building, business, or organization. Energy managers are the ones who capture and assess data about energy usage, and then try to understand if the organization is using energy efficiently. They can ask questions about equipment being left on too long, being monitored and operated by the right people, and make other important observations. If they fine that energy is not being used efficiently, they can propose energy solutions and implement ideas for decreasing energy costs.

Energy managers, then, often work across departments, including operations, human resources, and information services. Working with supervisors in these areas can help more effectively and quickly implement cost saving measures. Operations employees can work with energy managers with measures including replacing old, energy draining equipment with new, energy efficient equipment, increasing or replacing insulation, or looking into recycling programs. Information systems workers can help energy managers work on replacing any under performing computer or technological resources and replace them with high performance parts like solid state hard drives, high efficiency power supplies, and other necessary parts.

An energy manager’s main priority is finding the right way to increase a business’s effectiveness without over taxing energy and financial resources.

Types of Energy Management Degrees

The degree that many pursue to obtain work in energy management work is a relatively new degree field, becoming what is currently known as – a business degree that helps train people to monitor the use and cost of energy – in the late 1990s.

Programs focus from all colleges focus on ways to support businesses in transitioning to green energy, energy conservation, and help gain efficiency. Classes in degree programs often include the following:

  • The Energy Industry
  • Energy Production
  • Energy Environments
  • Energy
  • New Energy
  • Energy Structures
  • Product Management in the Energy Industry
  • Regulations and Safety in Energy

It’s a complicated field to begin to understand, but it is a growing and changing industry and an important field that needs attention, supervision, and care.

Where Are Energy Managers Working?

Energy managers work in multiple sectors of business. Some work in managing energy consumption at facilities by protecting and replacing resources and monitoring budgets. There are also energy managers who work directly with manufacturing – helping to create and design energy efficient products. Logistics energy managers work to develop and implement recycling programs, energy efficient transport programs, and work with green supply chains. Others work in organizations restructuring data centers and working towards paperless environments were appropriate.

Because energy managers are generally business managers and because they are working across a variety of industries, salaries can vary as well, but some can be up to $110,000 for experienced managers who understand the nuances of energy and have an eye for efficiency and money saving measures.

As businesses become more and more aware of the cost benefits of monitoring energy costs and implementing alternative solutions, they are more likely to find and hire energy managers for these processes and procedures. They might use them as contractors for temporary positions to implement initial changes, or hire them on full time in new positions to monitor the continued success of energy changes and green measures. These jobs ensure the future of successful companies and help make a difference in the global enviroment.

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